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About Me


Techno music was everywhere in the mid-nineties and there were many clubs starting their business these days. I was influenced by this sound. My music is inspired by this time and of course the last years of techno.

I produce my tracks almost completely with own made synthesizer patches and some single samples from all around the world to ensure you the best possible quality.

After long-term studies in  mixing and mastering I am also able do the mixing and mastering for my own tracks. Furthermore I am the mastering engineer of MTZ-Records. Before that I did a lot of corporation for CTS-Recordings. Ff you need a proper mixdown or a loud dynamic mastering feel free to contact me.

I definitely prefer hardcore or hard techno on the dance floor. This goes for my own productions as well as for dancing in the club

I have already been to the original Tresor (Berlin), Bullit (Munich), U60311 (Frankfurt), MTW (Offenbach), Butan (Wuppertal), Rakete (Nuremberg) and many more.

My Music

Of course you can purchase all of my tracks at Beatport, iTunes, Amazon and many other stores. But there is free stuff as well. You can listen to my live sets and podcasts at Soundcloud, Mixcloud or even Twine. Just search for my name and you will see :)

If you do not want to search by yourself you can also use the embedded links on the navigation bar to the right or the window below this text.